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When I am creating my music, I feel a very strong need not to repeat myself over and over again. The wheel might already have been invented before, but that does not mean one can't at least try to thread the path differently. I always perceive “the need to create” as a similar basic impulse, and as such, I should be content in taking the easiest route to get to a “product”. That would however make the process of creation nothing more than applied trickery. I already have a fantastic job and work is not exactly what the music that I make is about. As in many experiences in life, the whole process of creation, the intuitive searching for answers to non-exiting question, is as enjoyable as to where it leads. I might not always know where it is that I am trying to go, but there is usually a point that this becomes clear, as the material is beginning to react.

The constant struggle is that of finding balance.
Storytelling or mood setting?

The reaction is the point where something new, something unexpected, comes out of seemingly simple equations. For each finished album I can look at previous releases and better understand where the pendulum between storytelling and mood-setting was then. To me music is by far the most emotional language and I have trouble listening to certain releases simply because how I felt when creating them. Likewise, I will always fondly play others, for similar but then happier reasons.

Albums are a way of representing the creative wheel at a time where it is turning in such a way that it appears to stand still. The point where the reactions make sense, even if there are no rules to measure this by.

When creating music, I usually don't have a detailed plan of what it is I am going to make. In that process, a lot of pieces of music are made but never actually used. Music which for instance grasps back to ideas I couldn't get to work earlier, but still fascinates me. It takes a while before the pendulum has enough momentum again for new reactions to present themselves.

I have made available six new sketches of music, all created in the past year (2008) and all trying to find some sort of mutual ground for an album. Although sequenced as such and flowing sequentially, the music is not a follow-up to Maalbeek. Rather, the music explores a newly re-discovered fascination for repetition, loops and even beats. Wolven's electronic percussion and filtering is furthest removed from my recent work, closer to the unreleased work from the 1990's (some of which is available on the special edition bonus cdr of Niemandsland and the timeline of my website).

Autoslaap on the other hand is (classic) ambient and closer to the ambient music found in the computergame The Chronicles of Spellborn for which I have spend the last five years creating audio. I choose to present the sketches as an album with the title Tauern to put a point behind it and also because I know myself, the mechanic in me would love to keep adjusting and fine-tuning them.

The title (Tauern) is a reference to a rather spectacular highway going through the Austrian Alps. The wide-screen views of mountains and drones of tunnels are under-scored by the sounds of engines, cars and trucks passing by. The many different nuances of tires going over different types of asphalt creating the rythm for the journey. It was often during stops at gas-stations that I would wake up, disoriented, but soon we'd be back on the road again.

Sense of movement is what fascinates me in repeating musical structures and to me it is one of ambient's most hypnotizing components. I hope you enjoy these sketches which can be listened to from the integrated flash player found on the myspace page.

Thanks for reading and listening, please feel free to comment!

Matthew Florianz

The Chronicles of Spellborn:

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I hope you enjoy these sketches which can be listened to (or downloaded) from the integrated flash player found here:

I've been trying to work out how these tracks can be downloaded rather than streamed from the player, but I can't work out how it's done. Is this option meant to be available?


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Hello Undershadow,

I have tried to download myself and couldn't figure it out either. Perhaps this functionality is no longer available, although I have been using the option which turns on downloads. I'll send support a ticket about it, thanks for bringing it to my attention!