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iMac for music?

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Both my windows laptop and desktop are having crashing problems.   My wife and I have reached the "ok - forget about other plans we had for this year - we're getting a new computer"...  So - we've always wanted a mac and I think that's what we're getting this time.   Originally thought I'd get a little macbook for $1,000 - but started looking at the iMac's - especially the one with the 24" screen.  That's what I want.

The plan is for this to be my new music computer (so yes - I'm making the big pc to mac switch).   I don't really plan to dual boot mac and windows - I just want to keep it mac.   

Heidi's big question is if the iMac is enough to do what I want to do with music - or do I need to save up a lot more money and get a mac pro desktop.    My gut is telling me the iMac is enough.    I need to hear from some actual mac users!

I have a Presonus Firestudio Project which runs on firewire 400.   The macs all have an 800 firewire port.   I've read that an adapter is available but haven't been able to actually find it to buy yet.  Ideas?   

I can't afford Logic right away...   I plan to use the new mac version of Reaper.   

I'd like a drum machine / simple sequencing ... recommendations?    I've loved Fruity 3.0 and Rebirth on pc - so you know I'm not looking for a massive thing...

I primarily record audio - always have.   I've used my music pc's more as big multi-track tape decks... I almost never sequence (except for drum patterns) - I almost never use loops.    I tend to record everything from hardware (synths, trumpet, bass, piano), use hardware effects while recording.   

I then do all the mixing, tweaking, mastering in the computer.   

Ok - help me out everyone...   I plan to buy the 24" iMac this weekend from Best Buy (zero percent for 18 months).    Basically I'm looking for someone to say... wait!  stop!  you don't want to do this because of 'x'...    everything seems to be leaning towards I'm making the right decision.

Yes an iMac can work for audio. I don't use one (I still have my old G5 desktop) but I know lots of people who do use one, and at the college I use to teach we had several set up for students to use with Pro Tools.

If you need a firewire 400 connection and don't mind a bit slower machine and would like to spend less, check out this refurbished model at the Apple online store:

With the money you save from buying the refurbished iMac you can get Logic Express. If you know someone who works or goes to a local college you can save a few bucks on new Macs and software. The full version of Logic is half off at their on line education store. Heck you could try it yourself, just type in your local community college and try buying something. I've used their education store to buy most of my products from them and I have never been asked for any form of proof.

I think one of the new iMacs would be great for music-making.  As Loren said, the Firewire 400 problem could be addressed by buying a not-quite-newest version of the iMac.  A guy I work with just ordered a 24" iMac from Apple's refurbished store last week, in fact, and I know they're a great deal.

The new iMac I'm looking at is $1500 - and there are some good reasons I want to buy from Best Buy (zero % interest and well... I have room on my card... cough...).   Here's the exact model:

Doing some google searching it seems I just need a firewire 400 to 800 adapter - something like this:

Which is about $15.

What I've done with Reaper on pc so far (admittedly - very little) - has been ok.   I really want something similar to the old Vegas 2.0 - which is why several people pointed me to Reaper in the first place.  I see myself eventually going to Logic.

My key thing was making sure I wouldn't regret waiting and getting a desktop and not an iMac.

Drum machine recommendations?


I don't know anything about the mac side of things. That mac does look good mind.
Unless your heart is set on a mac, I wouldn't discount the new PC option:

I recently bought a Desktop system based around an Intel E8400 Core 2 Duo processor (3GHz) running
Vista 64 (8GB RAM, separate drive for audio etc.) and it's dead stable and very capable. It cost me

Regarding Drum mmachine type programs, I would certainly recommend FL studio. FLS 8 is great, but
I've been working with the 8.5 Beta and thats even better. Some people deride it as a 'kids program'
but its actually surprisingly sophisticated when you 'get under the bonnet' - so to speak. I use it
a lot.



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