Moving the rest of the hypnos.com web site


This may be old news to those of us here on the Forum who have already migrated to the new Hypnos server, but the migration of the rest of the Hypnos site (main www.hypnos.com pages, the Hypnos Online Store, email, etc.) is happening right now.

If you need me or Lena urgently, leave a Private Message here, but our email is working and we just need to test the new email servers to make sure everything's working OK.

www.hypnos.com should now point to the new server for most of you already, and the rest of your DNS servers will update over the next 24 or so hours.

The new Hypnos Online Store address is http://www.hypnos.com/mm5/merchant.mvc -- again some of you may have lagging DNS servers that aren't updated yet, in which case you can still shop at the old store at http://www.hypnos.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc -- we'll keep checking both stores for the next few weeks just in case.

Thanks for your patience.  This should be entirely settled very soon.

Email has been tested for both mg (at) hypnos.com and lena (at) hypnos.com

Some of the email forwards for Hypnos artists (such as where the artist's name @hypnos.com forwards to their personal email) have not yet been configured on the new email server.  If you need to reach one of the Hypnos artists other than me or Lena, please contact them directly at their non-hypnos.com email address.  Most of them can be reached here on the Forum via PM in fact.

Right after my announcement, the first order came through on the new Hypnos Online Store, and everything checks out OK.


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