Higgins Comes Alive

Started by Wayne Higgins, April 22, 2009, 06:59:45 AM

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Wayne Higgins

Contained on the virb page is the gig I did last night at a Cafe in Tallahassee.  A bit of meandering at first, I eventually got it going.  I only edited out the part when my foot slipped on the volume pedal, and the beginning when I was trying to figure out where all the buzzing was coming from.


Live at the Cafe Annapurna 042109

I appreciate comments, BTW. 8)
So, I'm a "Sr Member", huh?  In June it's SENIOR DISCOUNT TIME!!!


This is moving me. Powerful. I love your song titles and they are drawing me in to this music. Checking it out, my first impression is of depth and wonder. And a refreshing sense of life and humor that makes the vibrancy breathe with a different anima than most ambient music I have heard. It is a bit late this eve and I have just returned from dinner of sushi with parents visiting from out of town. Ginger and beer (not enough beer) and wasabi infuses my blood. I will return to this music in a fresh mood soon.


Always love your stuff wayne.  That lonely guitar of yours....it's always on a seemingly endless journey.