Exuviae - Intrinsic Luminance - Now Available - Free Download!

Started by bunkdata, April 26, 2009, 08:38:56 PM

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ea007 - Exuviae - Intrinsic Luminance

Returning to the dreamy atmosphreric form of his earliest releases with this collection of pieces culled from studio archives spanning from 2003 - 2007, Exuviae has crafted a series of movements that transcend conventional deep space music through their focus on organics and layering.

Using only electric guitar and processing techniques, listeners that have longed for a progression of the ambiance first achieved on "Echoes In The Emptiness" can finally bask in the familiar glow of Exuviae's serene, yet intensely personal soundscapes.

Now available for FREE MP3 download at Endless Ascent - http://endlessascent.com/ea007.html


Endless Ascent is also actively looking for new and established artists to release in 2009. Please send all inquires to info@endlessascent.com

We you hope you enjoy the release and stop by often!

Thanks for reading/listening!


Endless Ascent is currently operating as a net.label dedicated to releasing light ambient, atmospheric and space music from around the world. Endless Ascent releases are free to download under a Creative Commons License for personal use.