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More Gear For Sale
« on: April 26, 2009, 10:55:39 PM »
I am selling more gear...mostly some mid to high-end mics, some odds and ends, some racks and a pair of 500 series EQ's.

Here is what I have:

  • Avedis E27 (I have a pair) $875 Each or $1700 for the pair. They are immaculate and I have the original boxes. These went from box to lunch box and are like new.
  • Audio Technica 4060 - This has been one of my work horse mics for years. It has the original box, literature, shock mount & power supply. I used to use this on every session and as such the power supply has some scuffs on it as does the gold AT logo on the mic from taking it in and out of the shock mount. The shock mount could also stand some new elastic. Functionally it is in tip top shape and I also am including the rack ears for the PS & the mic cable. The last few have been fetching around $750 to $800 I noticed, I will drop another $50 off for cosmetics, so $700 takes it.
  • Audio Technicha 4047sv LTD - So why is this a limited edition??? Well it was not called that, but the first 100 or so (could have been more) shipped with a limited edition hard shell fender style tweed case. The mic is in awesome shape escept again the gold is a tad worn on the logo from the shock mount...a common issue on AT mics. So these sell for $350 all day long used, I would like an additional $50 for the cool case, so $400.
  • Blue Bluebird - Great shape...silver trim is dulled, but mic is awesome, has original box, packaging, wind screen and shock mount. $250
  • Crate Pro Audio SRS Encoder - This is a cool little 1/3 rack space box which is an SRS encoder (a sort of 3d enhanser) original Box, Manual & Psu $80
  • Neutrik NYSPP  48-Pt TRS Patch Bay - original box (some residue from labels) a quick $50 takes it
  • Horizon Modular 48pt patchbay - A little better quality and tighter grip than the Neutrik, but no longer made. Sold new for $200 (price tag on box) again a quick $50 and it is balanced
  • Behringer Ultra patch unbalanced patchbay with box and manual $20
  • Original Contour Shuttle Pro - this is a programable shuttle/jog wheel with programmable buttons for DAW control. Includes box and original disc. $50
  • Quick Lok - Mixer stand and tiltable rack. No longer made a unique piece which combines a tiltable 10 space rack with a tiltable mixer stand. Rock solid construction which can even hold a Rhodes Key bass...$125 (Local pick up only...not sure how to ship this, maybe willing to try)
  • Set of 3 Gray Formica racks. These are former display racks for Casio Interstate Music's show room. They are built well, but as display rack have some usual signs of scratches and wear, plus a few screw holes. There is a 12 space on casters, a second 12 space and an 8 space. These are pic up only. I will split them up, but will offer a break for the set. Great for a home studio or B-room or utility room. $75 each for the 12s and $40 for the 8...or $175 for all 3
  • Silver Groove Tubes Mic case. This is a case from an older groove tubes mic. It has room for cables, power supply and a tube size mic (I used it for the 4060). No mic is included. $50 and its yours
I am located in Racine, WI about an hour north of Chicago in good traffic

Buyer pays fair shipping.
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