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Floor Sugar: New Titles and Labels
« on: May 02, 2009, 03:14:23 PM »
Everything is growing quickly.. Here are some recent additions..

Geskia - Silent 77 CD
Cokiyu - Mirror Flake CD
aus - After All

Aspidistrafly - I Hold A Wish For You CD

Flica - Nocturnal CD
Paniyolo - I'm Home CD
Sawako + Daisuke Miyatani - hi bi no ne CD (restock)

Symbolic Interaction
Izumi Misawa - Speaking Behind the Raindrops CD
Pawn - Kitchen CD
The Retail Sectors - The Starlight Silent Night CD
The Retail Sectors - Subject Unknown CD
Rudi Arapahoe - Echoes From One To Another CD
V.A. - The Silence Was Warm CD
Yaporigami - Saryu Sarva CD

Tamaru - Figure CD
Yui Onodera - Entropy CD

Hiroyuki Iida + Atsushi Tominaga - Untitled CD
Minoru Sato - Perturbation Field And The Equilibrium CD
V.A - WrK Compilation CD


Titles from Preco, Plop, FM3, Improvised Music from Japan, Hibari Music, Mu-Nest, 12k, Room40.

Thank you so much for your support of our little store!

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