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JKN's "buying a new TV" topic got me thinking...

HD (high definition) home video has got to be one of the greatest technological advances of my lifetime.  I never even go to the theater any more, and don't miss it, and I'm someone who used to go to 1 or 2 movies per week.  So, I'm curious what people think of HD home video and what their experiences with it are?

Do you have an HD set of some kind at home? 

Have you watched high definition video of some kind?  HD cable?  BluRay disc or HD-DVD?

Given changes in the BluRay vs. HD-DVD battle this past week, I suspect a lot of people will be taking the plunge in the next six months, but I'm curious to hear what others think.

Follow this link to compare screen captures from the DVD version and the high definition version (captured from digital HD cable TV I believe) of The Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring:


Wait for the images to load, then "mouse over" each DVD image to see it switch to the high-def version.

Interesting site.  It's a perfect thing to show those who think DVD is "good enough for them".

I own an HD set (rear projection LCD) but still have yet to purchase an HD player.  I've been enjoying HD cable for a while now... although working in the industry I get to see true uncompressed HD quite often, so when I come home and watch TV, all I see is compression.  ;)
My plans from the beginning was to get a dual-format player so I could buy whatever I wanted... be it Blu-ray or HD DVD.  But given that it appears more film companies are jumping ship to Blu-ray, getting a dual-format player may be a waste of money.  Either way, I'll be buying a player some time this year.  I can't wait anymore.  haha...
I remember just before the two formats came out, Sony and Toshiba (I think... whichever company owns each format) got together and tried to create one unified format (like DVD) but of course, they couldn't agree on anything in the end.  And us, the consumer gets f**ked.


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