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Episode 2 is up now at with music from Lopside, Dave Preston, Austere, Sense Project, Zero Ohms, Igneous Flame, Phillippe Emanuel Gueble, Orbital Decay, Larry Kucharz and Jonathan Block. (A fine collection of Hypnos artists hiding in there!)

Kindly give a listen, consider subscribing, and feel free to comment.

Oh, and pardon my slightly overmodulated voice.

Quick thought: stick a "www." prior to your blogspot address and it should then be clickable.

Just a heads-up.... Installment 3 should be going up this coming Monday. Every track comes from a Hypnagogue Highly Recommended CD. You'll get stuff from Con_Sense, Manitou, Mara's Torment, Arrocata, Aron Kirk, John Vorus, Mark Mahoney & M. Peck, Patrick Balthrop, and Tim Story (with and without H-J Roedelius).

I hope you'll tune in--and subscribe.

[Monday evening edit: All ready for your listening pleasure!]

Thanks for including me John, sounds like a great lineup.

Number 4 is online now at and iTunes. The lineup this time out:

Bruno Sanfilipo
Mark Mahoney
Dwight Ashley
Midnight Sound Service
The Current
Kevin Bartlett
Resonant Drift
Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms

I hope you'll tune in. Comments welcome.


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