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Episode 117 arrives, with new music from Menion, Steve Roach, Rena Jones, Phillip Wilkerson and more. Plus a tribal set with offerings from Byron Metcalf, Shane Morris, Undara, Mystified and others. Enjoy.

A deep flow of quiet stuff. Lots of texture to go around. Austere, Silvercord, Swartz, I've Lost and more.

New episode time! Into the review queue again for new-ish stuff from Wharmton Rise, Bryan Carrigan, Ann Licater, Uwe Gronau, Juta Takahashi, Off Land, Undermathic and even more!

Juta Takahashi:
Thanks for putting my track, John!

Fully cooked and ready to serve, with cuts from Steve Roach, Chronotope Project, Janneh, Dalot, Disparition and more.

And, of course, episode 120 is there, too, which I apparently forgot to post.


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