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Somnia Podcast 003: Songs For The Departed

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This is my first show of 2008, and starts on a somber note. I've lost someone very close to me, so my song choices are a bit more in the melancholic spheres. Sorrow, joy, memory, presence, emotion... it's all part of our beautiful experience.

   1. Elegi - Time Lapse
   2. Balustrade Ensemble - Tangle In Delerium
   3. Klimek - For Ezekiel Honig & Young (Pan) Americans
   4. Ulver - Vigil
   5. Rolan Vega - Documentary
   6. Machinefabriek - Zucht 2
   7. Slow Dancing Society - Neverending
   8. Matt Borghi - White Shoal Point
   9. Sheila Chandra & The Ganges Orchestra - Not a Word in the Sky
  10. Slow Six - Echolalic Transitions

As always, thanks for listening and I appreciate your feedback.

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Oh no, I'm really sorry to hear that you've lost someone, (I hope you're doing alright)...

Joe R:
I'm sorry about your loss, Somnia. I'm sure it's a difficult time for you.

I hope you're doing alright too, Joe!

I hope you're OK.  Thanks for passing along the podcast, which may have been overshadowed a bit by your mention of the news you're coping with, that inspired it.  Take care, Evan/Somnia.


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