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Wayne Higgins:
Couldn't find it, so I'll start another one.

Finally broke down and bought Match Point in the VERY cheap bin at Walmart.  Woody Allen is a genius, and his writing keeps getting better.  I don't laugh uncontrollably out loud that much, but their is one scene ending, one shot, that I lost it.  Unbelievable.  Great film, highly recommended.

jim brenholts:
i recently picked up ocean's 11, 12 and 13. 11 and 13 are very cool and quite slick. 12 is a tad sluggish and slow. however, czj adds tremendous pizazz to any movie she graces so it's ok.
i really dig the series in general. lots of fun to watch.

Wayne Higgins:
Watched "The Blues Brothers" last night. 8)

Wayne Higgins:
Over the weekend...
Missing and The Wedding Singer and found a copy of Fantasia at a flea market for $10, made in the USA for China in 2007.

Dave Michuda:
I just went on a binge of buying TV series on DVD and picked up...

IT Crowd season 2
Extras seasons 1 & 2
Curb Your Enthusiasm season 6
Arrested Development season 1
Eastbound & Down season 1

That should keep us busy for awhile.


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