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Dave Michuda:
Just started re-watching "The West Wing."  I haven't seen it since I watched it in real time years ago.

I am loving every minute of it!  Such a wonderful show.  I'm really looking forward to plowing through 6 or 7 years all over again.


--- Quote from: jkn on April 05, 2012, 06:54:21 AM ---I got hooked on "Bones".   Had never seen a full episode before - now I'm sucked in.

--- End quote ---

Netflix has all the early seasons ... its great !

Lena and I are just starting Dexter.... late to the party, I know. Fantastic show!

Also lately really into Downton Abbey, and Walking Dead (perhaps the two opposite extremes in terms of style & mood).

We have a lot of fun with Big Bang Theory and 30 Rock, and are also watching Burn Notice while we work out.

We watched "In Bruges" last night; good stuff.  Starts out as a mellow little sleeper of a film, then gets more and more intense.  Collin Ferrel is excellent, as is Ralph Fiennes.  Recommended. 

Saturday we were bored, so we went to see "Taken 2".  Mindless action flick; not bad, but we were laughing through much of it, pointing out the absurdity of just about every decision the characters made.  You know how some movies stick with you long after you've seen them?  Well, this one left my brain the minute the credits rolled.

ZZ Top - Live From Texas on Sky Arts 1

I was fortunate enough to see these guys a few times when I was younger. Love their stuff.


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