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Watched "Blindness" last night.  Not at all what I was expecting  - Julianne Moore is fantastic (as always) in a very creepy, very unpleasant film.  (Stop here if you don't want to know too much...)  It starts as a tale of what happens when people start inexplicably going blind, and get quarantined by the powers that be.  It morphs into a "Lord of the Flies"-like tale of survival, and explores what people will do when they answer to nobody, and what others will do to survive when they have no choice...

In the vein of the excellent "Children of Men" (or "I Am Legend"), but not nearly as good - still worth a viewing if you like post-apocalyptic tales and aren't put off by some unpleasantness...

Watched Phonebooth again. It's not often you get a whole film set in one place. I think it's very well written to keep attention for that long in one setting.

Dave - Arrested Development is one of my all time favorite tv shows - you'll be buying seasons 2 and 3 (only a half season) very quickly.   It's one you can watch over and over as the jokes tend to be hinted at episodes before they happen and then called back over and over again in subtle ways.   Brilliant - utterly brilliant show.

We picked up Weeds on sale at Best Buy - all four seasons for $14.99 each.    For a show that's supposed to be brilliant - neither of use are "getting it" yet.   Listed as a Comedy - Drama... why do they always put Comedy in front of Drama in descriptions when a show is almost 99% drama and just a minor hint of comedy...  Unless it's coming later?     Not sure if we'll keep season 2, 3, and 4... we'll see after we get into a few more episodes.   Acting and writing are good - it's just depressing... maybe we're just not in the right mood???

Clouds (again)

Wayne Higgins:
"When you hear an oboe in the opening credits, you know it isn't going to be a happy story."
Carol Higgins, 07/28/09

Great quote my wife made after we watched "Notes from a Scandal".  Talk about intense drama!


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