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drone on:
I was wondering whatever happened to the planned new release by Viridian Sun and the reissues of Jeff Pearce "Daylight Slowly" and Nebula's second album.  The only news updates I ever see are for new items in Hypnos store...

judd stephens:
Yeah, there have been some bold projects lined up.  The M. Griffin/ Oophoi concept was one I still think would be cool- and James Johnson?  It would be interesting to see the direction he would take after agreeing to release through Hypnos.  Things change sometimes.  I believe Donald Rumsfeld said not so sympathetically, "stuff happens". 

+1 on this whole thread  ;D

jim brenholts:

--- Quote from: judd stephens on July 29, 2009, 06:39:52 PM ---.................. I believe Donald Rumsfeld said not so sympathetically, "stuff happens". 

--- End quote ---
paraphrasing a saying in aa - shit happens!

We haven't dropped releasing CDs, just having a slow re-start after re-assessing how we will package our Hypnos CDs going forward.

We've released a couple of Hypnos Secret Sounds albums in recent months and we're about to start a Seren Ffordd series on HSS as well.

I should have something more to report on upcoming Hypnos-proper releases very soon.  First will be Viridian Sun - Infinite In All Directions and we'll catch up on other pending releases soon after.  Then once things are rolling forward again we'll start adding items to the "coming soon" queue again.

Thanks for your patience, everybody!  The good news is, we'll be able to sell our upcoming releases at a slightly lower price due to the simplified "green" packaging.


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