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Korg M3 Xpanded 61 key synth

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I may be possibly getting one of these tomorrow if all goes well. I am looking at trading my v-synth, hardshell case, sell my extreme to my g/f and rest is money -15% discount till 8/31 and I still get the MR-1 digital recorder via rebate I have to fill out (nice field recorder from what I can tell for free, can't complain there or ebay it ;-) ). I watched a longer video about it and was surprised at all the stuff you can do with it. One thing may be to expand the memory but that depends how much sampling I want to do with it. Since I'm not in a band the 64MB should suffice for now. But it looks like it's a beast in regards to Karma(2?) tech in it as well as x/y touch screen! That was new to me! Plus the 8 buttons for chord progression setup or drum pad usage.

So what do you think?


Well my g/f offered to buy both my v-synth and extreme so I sold them to her but I go to GC today and the 15% off doesn't take Korg items (among many others) for a purchase so now I am keyboard-less atm. Probably due to the MR-1 rebate (free if u buy a new M3 by 8/31). So I'll wait and see what happens next month or perhaps go for an Akai midi controller which is supported by Ableton Live for settings. Be a lot less costly But that M3 is kind of sweet. One thing I noticed today is that there isn't a TON of combi's or programs for it (and this was supposedly an Xpanded model)....but I could get a Radius for it after to hook up too (not sure on price for that but that's way down the road if I even get an M3 now). Still I like some of the stuff on that unit, the Karma 2.x, x/y touch screen via pressing a button, 8 pads for chord progression or drum stuff = nice. Wish it had more on-board sounds though compared to the Korg Extreme which has just about every expansion board in it.

Anyways, anyone have one and care to give their thoughts on it? Would like to know your pros/cons on it.


Your girlfriend bought your synths... :o 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) wow, now that makes me jealous ;D

Sorry to hear you are keyboardless and could not get the reduction - I don't know about the keyboard but use the MR1, it is very good in  sound quality and can convert bitstream to numerous formats with the associated software (it can record in them too but I tend to use the bitstream to get the best quality).

I say go back this weekend when they are busy and try someone else at GC or try a different store. Even though their 15% sale doesn't apply to Korg if they wanted to they could make it happen some how. If that doesn't work then consider the M50 if you want something similar. I haven't played with an M3 but I know Robert Rich has one so it can't be that bad.  ;D Also the MR-1 is very cool and is a great sounding recorder. I've wanted its big brother for a while now, hoping maybe next year I'll be able to pick one up.

My girlfriend is having fun with both of them. She likes them both because they are different. She also finds the V-Synth to be easier to use (I find that strange, it's a beast IMHO with a lot of potential if you know the under-the-hood stuff well). But she bought a book and is learning finger positioning/playing initially so I'm happy she's happy. GC will have their labor day weekend "The List" going on so I'm going to check the website for it (may have to wait till friday for the list or from email from them) to see what kind of deal will be going on. I'd have liked to gotten the MR-1 but I hear street price is ~$500 supposedly, MSRP = $899.

So ya, keyboardless unless I hook up the mini-MS20 I got as a deal when I got the

Well I looked at the M50, only 4 pads for chords (doesn't mention using them for drums), no aftertouch, no midi-thru as well as limited expandability (if any) and no X/Y for the touch screen/Karma 2.x effects so guess I'll have to wait a bit on the M3. Need to really get back to work before I get it or just go with a good midi keyboard (Akai for use w/Ableton Live comes to mind). Lord knows I got enough VSTi's from NI and freebies to mess with.



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