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upcoming raison d'Ítre album

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'The Stains of the Embodied Sacrifice'

Check out this impressive teaser

Sounds very promising if you ask me. Really looking forward to this.

drone on:
Sounds good.  Are you into Arcana? There's a solo album out now by Peter Bjargo that looks cool.

you can find some samples of Peter Bjargo solo record here :
it sounds like Arcana, not Sophia, and some flavors from Peter Ulrich.

now peter anderson
i loved raison d'Ítre til "The empty hollow unfolds". I must admit that the following releases didn't leave me such a good impression : too noisy and metallic for me. For example, "The luminous experience".
To me, Raison d'etre lost its personal touching and melancholic aura that bathed his indutrial ambient vein.

i just hope his next release will give more place to this special signature built in the 90ies and made this project a very interesting and unique musical world.

Reminds me very much of Aeoga from Finaland.

drone on:
Yes, I've noticed a much more industrial sound to RD these last several years, and I miss the earlier style as well.  I ordered the Bjargo disc from Projekt, sounds very Arcana-like, which is a good thing in my book.


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