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2008 outlook for Hypnos (and Binary and Hypnos Secret Sounds)

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I have quite a lot to write on this subject, sort of a general update about what's coming up next, and what's in the works for later in the year.  I'll probably tackle this over several different messages.





We have quite a few items lined-up that are really close to completion.  The first two were intended for the end of 2007 but didn't quite make it.  A brief comment after each.

Austere | Solyaris (Hypnos, Jan 2008)

This is a creative peak for this much-overlooked ambient duo, their first release on Hypnos, following their Hypnos Secret Sounds album Pulse in 2007.  It will be the next Hypnos release, with the exact date subject to agreement between the label and the artists, relative to their release of a big retrospective box-set.

M. Griffin | Fabrications (Hypnos, early 2008)

This one is down to the final editing, and would have been done by now if not for all the unexpected flurry of activity surrounding the move of the Hypnos web site to a new server.  Ah well, life intrudes, and this is at the final stages of editing, 99% done and ready for production within a week or so.

Various Artists | Message From a Subatomic World (Hypnos compilation, early 2008)

This is the "sister project" to the recently-released Hypnos compilation, Sounds of a Universe Overheard, and should meet or exceed the high standard set by that recording.  To compare the second compilation to the first, I'd say the second is perhaps a bit more abstract and deep-space, more mysterious and strange, whereas the first is a bit more musical and structured overall.

Track listing (not in order):

Evan Bartholomew - Sacrosanct
Austere - Crystil
Phaenon - Quantum Silence
Stephen Philips - Down Deep
Jason Sloan - faded.forgotten [trace]
Numina - Nadir Ever Spirals
Relapxych.0 - Distant Radiance
True Color of Blood - Choosing to Remain Blind
Svartsinn - Cold But Strong
Oophoi - Icelight

Evan Bartholomew | Tidal Phases of the Moon I (Hypnos Secret Sounds, early 2008)

A fairly recent addition to the roster of releases, but when we heard Evan's latest recording, a sharply resonant and multi-layered set of repeating loops that develop into a complex and slowly-musical drone structure, we couldn't resist it.  We'll have more information and sound clips from this one soon, and it should be released in February, but here's a glimpse of the cover for now.  It will be a bit of a departure for the Secret Sounds imprint -- by special agreement with the artist, this album will be released on standard pressed CDs, not CDRs, and the limited edition size will be larger.

Sense (Robert Logan) | The Sublime and the Beautiful (2cdr) (Hypnos Secret Sounds, early 2008)

We don't have final approval on the cover art yet, but this too will be a departure for the Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint in that it will be a two disc set.  Sense is an alter-ego of Robert Logan, who releases experimental electronic music under his full name, including the truly amazing debut CD Cognessence (see here: http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=30450).  This album careens from drone ambient, to churning, confrontational Aphex Twin style rhythms, with perhaps more rich and diverse sound content than any album we've ever released.  Normally we'd have reservations about releasing a double CD by a young, emerging artist but this one justifies its duration without question.  We look forward to sharing samples with everyone very soon, and the release should occur later in January.

(edited... Sense CD cover artwork updated, and title changed)


Here are a couple of things worth mentioning, that I didn't include above because... they're not new albums.

Robert Rich | Somnium (dvd)

We're re-pressing the most popular disc we've ever released, Robert Rich's epic sleep concert experience, Somnium, a 7-hour recording on a video DVD (no picture content, just sound) that plays on an ordinary DVD player.  This one has only been out of print for a few months, but both Hypnos and Robert agree that it needs to be put back in print, as demand continues to be significant even after 2,000 copies sold.

Jeff Pearce | Daylight Slowly

This 1998 album sold out 4-5 years ago, and Jeff Pearce felt it would be OK to let it stay out of print for a while, and allow demand to build back up again.  We didn't intend to leave it unavailable for so long, though, and we're going to get some more copies made.  And also... I've created new cover artwork!  We both (Jeff and I) always liked the original Daylight Slowly cover but it didn't seem to fit with the brighter and more luminous images on his other Hypnos CDs.  I was glad to have a chance to re-work it.

We don't have exact release dates on either of these, as there are small details to be worked-out before the re-pressing can begin, but I would say no later than the end of February we should have copies of both of these ready to sell.

Our release, "Solyaris", will sadly be delayed again, as we want to give it 2-3 weeks at least between the release of our 10th Anniversary special box set: "Sound of Silence I: An 'Unnatural History' of Rare and Exclusive Tracks".  So Solyaris will probably come out around 15 Feb 2008.

The name "Sound of Silence" was and is not in reference at all to the Paul Simon penned and Simon & Garfunkel recorded song "Sounds of Silence" but was released only after (thanks to our pal Chip) and we do think Simon is brilliant, as is that song and that S&G album.  The "Unnatural History" reference is specific in honour to Coil and their CD compilations of rare tracks released throughout their career.

The "Sound of Silence I" box set will be release on Fri 18 Jan 2008 at 2:13AM, which is our 10th Anniversary since we "officially formed" as a group.  It contains a lot in an 8 x 8 x 1/2" (220 x 220 x 20mm) box: tracks from group projects, the Dark Duck Drone Download Project, compilations, soundtrack projects, etc. as well as one "live" recording and three unreleased tracks that will only be available in this box set.  They are all in 320Kbs CBR MP3 format stored on a SanDisk card, and come with a simple but very functional and usable MP3 player with earbud headphones and a USB cable that uses one AA battery.  You can use the player with other SanDisk cards or pull our musick from this one and load something worth listening to (the player has no built-in memory.)

The box set also contains four random photos (from sixteen total, including one of the current band, and one of when we met before we formed the band), a copy of our annoying, snotty "manifesto" which we signed 10 years ago from the date/time above, and also, unique to each box, a 5" (120mm) 78 RPM recording - the electronic / drone musick on every disc is absolutely unique and was recorded by etching with an Emily Berliner recorder.  There are also other treats, including the checklist to make sure everything is there.

Box set artwork and photography provided by our pal Henk Zweering and is quite beautiful.

Hypnos will be carrying this release at some point and it will be available from us after the date/time above.

Thanks for your patience with "Solyaris" and as always and ever, Thanks for Listening.


--- Quote from: mgriffin on January 15, 2008, 11:05:42 AM ---Evan Bartholomew | Tidal Phases of the Moon I (Hypnos Secret Sounds, early 2008)

A fairly recent addition to the roster of releases[...]
--- End quote ---

We just wanted to welcome Evan, aka blue:tech, to the Hypnos roster!  We have his first two blue:tech CDs from MP3.com if anyone wants to buy them - we have 2-3 copies of each, back in the MP3.com days, we spent all the $$$ we earned buying CDs from other MP3.com artists.

Congrats Evan!  This will be a great release in a series of them, we're sure!

Thanks for Listening.


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