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Started by fleabag, October 12, 2009, 07:00:36 AM

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Two new releases for October:

Northerner - 1976

Northerner, aka Martin J Cummings, is one of a growing band of musicians operating in the UK's blossoming electro-acoustic scene. '1976' closely follows mammoth double-set 'The Ridings' (on Home Assembly Music), a special little release that further enhances Cummings reputation.  Avoiding the familiar, Cummings sets about transporting the listener down new paths, where gossamer guitar textures mingle with shimmering, bucolic atmospherics, forgotten voices and deftly laced found sounds, suggesting a kinship with the heart-warming nostalgia of fellow countrymen Epic45.  The miniature electronic pulses and glitches adroitly placed throughout add a beguiling sheen, often found lacking in the genre.

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Simon James French - Anthem

Simon James French is a sound artist currently based in London, UK. His work is increasingly involved in the art of field recording but often transcends the gap between phonography and sound design. Interested in cross-media work, Simon's work often contains field recordings, synthesis, and live electronics.

Heavily inspired by the compositional techniques of György Ligeti, Simon's first release Anthem is full of dynamic movement and heavy textures that, in its entirety make for an ever changing body of work that invites the listener to fall headlong into this world of sinuous, melodic drones, evocative motifs and cleverly incorporated real-world sounds.

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Listened to the samples ... impressive stuff !
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans


thanks! I've been working hard to get some quality releases out for everyone.


Some great releases for November:

Strom Noir's Sen Zimnej Noci - beautiful ethereal guitar drones adding detail with field recordings and other sounds.

Hakobune's Isohel - layers of guitar to create gorgeous sonic landscapes.



two new releases for January:

Tom White In Poor Visibility

Lexithimie No Matter How Many Times, Repeat



Two new releases for February:

hb10 | Relmic Statute | Morning Tapes

Relmic Statute (Cotton Goods) is Leeds-based artist David Horner, who assembles lulling, grainy soundscapes based on the splicing of field recordings collected from cassettes and old 1/4-inch tape.

hb/eph01  | Nigel Samways | Poor Henrietta Marie

A special label collaboration between Hibernate and Ephre imprint brings you the new EP from English sound artist Nigel Samways (experimedia, october man, camomille, authorised version, Ephre imprint). Poor Henrietta Marie is based on a recording made of a girl singing "Wade in the Water" whilst busking on a street in Lewes; and is composed beautifully using magnetic tape, dsp processing, adhoc field recordings and live instruments. Ltd edition 50 CDr or Free download on Bandcamp



I really appreciate the artwork on these releases, reminds me of the experimedia cover art which i too find wonderful. Great job, and great sounds as well.

Dave Michuda

I've got several Hibernate recordings and have really enjoyed each.  I'm looking forward to more excellent releases this year.


Two releases for March...

hb11 - M. Ostermeier - Lakefront

M. Ostermeier's recent solo debut Percolate (Parvoart, Jan 2010) featured fragile Rhodes and acoustic piano melodies atop minimal downtempo electronics and Labradford-esque guitar tones.  Here on the seven-track mini-album Lakefront, the skeletal acoustic piano remains, but the minimal beats have evaporated and we are left with something more organic, more haunting.  Harold Budd is still an apt reference for the piano fragments, but the infusion of acoustic recordings and darker guitar and electronics bring to mind Deaf Center and Library Tapes. The melancholic mood that builds throughout Lakefront evokes feelings of nostalgia and regret.  One theme present in Marc's mind as he was writing these pieces was how the passing of time necessarily brings uncertainty to one's recollection of the past – an uncertainty that has its own poignancy.

Marc lives in Baltimore in the US where these tracks were recorded during the last few months of 2009.  He was the main songwriter of the 1990's shoegaze/post-rock band Should and is also the co-owner of Words On Music, an independent record label.

Mastered by Taylor Deupree

hb12 - Haruki - The Land That Lies Behind Us

Haruki is the pseudonym of composer/sonic artist Boris Snauwaert from Ghent, Belgium, who creates sonic environments through the precise, meditated amalgamation of a diverse variety of sounds, both musical and non-musical. In any given track Haruki combines any or all sound sources; field recordings, acoustic instruments, acoustic noises, found samples, sampled instruments and so on. Throughout production of the EP, musicality has remained of quintessence to Haruki; the continuous ebb and flow of textures and timbres throughout, the production and evolution of harmony through the treatment of seemingly unrelated sounds and, in places, rhythm becoming much more of a dominant musical element. There are moments of great depth, and contrasting sparse moments; variation between busy polyphony and contrasting single lines, all executed in a faultless manner.

The tracks on "The Land That Lies Behind Us" work together as a whole picture, or individually as glimpses of the dark, eerie atmosphere that Haruki has striven to create.

(Hannah Spencer)



and two more for April/May...

Talvihorros "Music in four movements"

Stream the whole album for free > http://talvihorros.bandcamp.com/album/music-in-four-movements

Ryonkt "North Small Town"