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I swore there was a thread for this already (or it's just been discussed in one of the other gear threads).

I'm comparing the Presonus Firebox and Focusrite Saphire LE which are both in the same price range.   Both say they support midi in/out.   I see normal midi jacks on the Saphire - the Firebox on the other hand has a combined midi/spdif jack...

I admit - I'm confused by the jack on the Firebox (see: )

Do I just need an adapter of some type?    Would someone mind taking a shot and explaining that one.   I know there are a few owners of these cards on the forum... 


That's just a breakout cable connection.  My older Audiomedia PCI card uses one like that, looks like a VGA connector on one end, and several cables come out the other side, such as analog i/o, MIDI and SPDIF.  It's just a way of outputting several things from a space too small to house all the connections.  The device would definitely come with the breakout connector.

Ah!   Thanks!   Makes sense.   

Now it's down to which one to get - or if I should spend $200 more for the larger 8/10 input models.  Which I get will likely be which ones go on sale for Valentine's Day (because everyone knows that music gear is a hot item for Valentine's Day!   Big sales at Victoria's Secret, Fannie May Candy, and Guitar Center...)

I love my new Presonus Firestudio, not that it's one of the models you're considering.  Excellent build quality, excellent interface software, no complaints at all. 

I also have a Presonus headphone amp (so up to 4 people can monitor on headphones at once) and it's about the size of your interface... same great build quality, good knobs, nice solid metal case.

The Firestudio, FP10, and Saphire Pro are still in the running.   I haven't decided for certain which way to go.    I like the idea of being able to route most of my gear directly in and record to seperate tracks.   Even though I'm typically used to going through a mixer and just having a stereo in.   


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