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Julio Di Benedetto:
Downloading from Bandcamp the Lithea, Hypersona & Hollow Triptych music.....really looking forward to exploring this music.  You put a lot of care into the production.  Beautiful artwork and design and what looks like really well made packaging, especially the vinyl  Glad this thread popped up from the past!

drone on:
Just ordered Memories in Widescreen and Shadow Play cds.  Have all the others mentioned.

Many thanks! I'll be doing a vinyl press of Lithea in the next few months too, to complete the trilogy on both CD and vinyl. It'll be really limited (100 copies) in ultra-heavyweight japanese gatefolds. Something really special for the vinyl heads, so keep a look out for it soon.

Lithea vinyl edition now available.

There is a holiday sale on-going at the 36 website for anyone interested in getting Hypersona, Memories in Widescreen, and Shadow Play CDs. 10 + shipping for the bundle.


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