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Bluetech- The Divine Invasion (AlephZ13)[/u]

Release Date: April 20th, 2009

E-flyer with info & samples:

Release page:

Finally it is here- the eagerly awaited third Bluetech album on Aleph Zero- The Divine Invasion. Three years in the making, The Divine Invasion offers an irresistible mix of spacey dubby beats, dreamy atmospheres and unique compositions. The same irresistible mix that made the New York Times label Bluetech as “one of the best ambient artists” following the release of his previous album- Sines and Singularities.
In The Divine Invasion, Bluetech, a master of downtempo electronica, goes deeper and farther into new uncharted territories. From his distinct mellow oceanic ambience, emerge playful complex sound games and subtle yet sweeping currents of emotion, amalgamating into wordless songs. Bluetech is a master in the art of creating danceable music full of ambience and ambient music that makes you dance, as The Divine Invasion perfectly proves. 

Hosted here are electronic music pioneers Mirror System (aka System 7), progressive trance dancefloor masters Ace Ventura and Lish, and Aleph Zero’s own Eitan Reiter.

Track list:
1. Finding the Future by Looking Backwards
2. Lost in an Imagined Labyrinth
3. Probability Tree
4. Rite of the Dragonfly
5. Swimming in a Feverdream
6. Holding Space
7. Honey in the Heart
8. Ace Ventura & Lish- The Light (Bluetech remix)
9. Even the Stones Sing
10. Bluetech & Mirror System- Living Time
11. Bluetech & Eitan Reiter- A Golden Ratio Sings

You can also get a quality limited edition Bluetech shirt ogether with the CD and a poster for a special price of only 28 Euros. Or a CD + shirt for 25 Euros \ CD + poster for 16 Euros.
Prices Includes special protective packaging and shipping through registered airmail worldwide.

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