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2009 Oscar nominations
« on: November 29, 2009, 08:11:24 AM »
Another topic on the movie subject.

My "predictions of nominations" are just that.  Hopefully, the rest of you will add to the list.  Give me some ideas on movies I haven't seen.

Adapted screenplay:
Where the Wild Things Are - It went right over my head, adapted from a children's book.  Spike Jonez is due.

Original screenplay:
Terminator 4 - I know that sounds like a joke, but they actually pulled off a three act screenplay on this one.

Sound editing:
Terminator 4 - Something about that really big robot sent chills up my spine.

Clint Eastwood for Grand Torino - If any actor is overdue for an oscar, it's him.

There are going to be 10 best movie nominaions this year
Movie (and director):
Angels and Demons (Ron Howard) - I read in one of my screenplay writing books (yes, I have copyrights filled on things other than music) that if you don't like a movie in the firs ten minutes, you won't like it.  When you write a screenplay, the rule is one page per minute.  So when studio heads are reading hundreds of screenplays, they read the first ten pages. For me, most of the time, this is true.  Within the first ten minutes of this one, I almost turned it off.  The "bad guy steals the anti-mater" had me on the way out.  I kept watching and the movie turned out to be very exciting, much better that The Dull-vinci Code.  My wife and I were talking about how they made it afterwards, and we agreed that there was no way they filmed in the Vatican, that the lighting was too good in St. Peter's and the Pantheon, and that the floor of the Pantheon was too clean.  Then we watched the extra "how they did it" short.  Ron Howard deserves a nomination for best diretor for this one.  Amazing.

Inglorious Basterds - Not sure if it will get a directing or writing nomination, but possibly in the top ten movies.

Julie and Julia - I have only seen the previews, but Meryll Streep and Amy Adams will both be nominated (again) for this one.

Inviticus - (I think that's the name.)  Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman in a story about South Africa winning the world cup.  The trailer had Oscar nods all over it.

...more to come.
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