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Web browsers -- what do you think?

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I remember waaaaaaay back when Internet Explorer was a better browser than Netscape Navigator. 

Then there was a long period of time when everybody had Internet Explorer, even Mac users (well, except Linux users), and nobody else really tried to make a decent new web browser.  Opera was so-so, and for a while OmniWeb on the Mac gave signs of becoming a great new web browser.  OmniWeb went away, and eventually Opera came back and became relevant again.

For a long time I was a big cheerleader for Firefox, and I still think it's overall a great web browser, with all the extension to add function like FTP capability.

More and more on my Macs though I've been using Safari.  Early versions of Safari looked nice but were very slow, but later versions have been overall quite nice.  I've even been using Safari on my Windows machines as much as Firefox or anything else.

Lately I'm halfway in love with Google Chrome, in which I'm typing this message right now.  It's just SO much faster than all the other browsers out there.  I'm told Camino is kind of fast and minimal like this, so I guess I should check it out.

So, what web browsers are people out there using, and why?  I imagine the majority are still using Internet Explorer, because they're using Windows and that's the default.   I see an increasing number of people cluing-in that Firefox is more secure and cross-platform and free and extensible and all that good stuff, but I sort of feel like Firefox has become more about extensions and bloat, and less about a solid, fast, browsing experience.  So often Firefox seems to leak memory, so if you leave it open for days at a time (like I do) with many different tabs running, you'll end up consuming more and more and more RAM until your computer has a freakout.

So in summary.... Internet Explorer is to be avoided, really, unless you like security problems.  Google Chrome is worth checking out.  You could do worse than trying out both Safari and Firefox, as they're both free.    None of these browsers has moved into a clear first-place for me, though that used to be Firefox. 

I've been using Firefox for years, including the ftp extension, and have been happy with it.

More and more people have been mentioning Chrome though. I may check it out.
Are you sure Google are not tracking everything you do in Chrome?

I'm stuck using satellite internet, so speed is vital to me - Firefox is much faster than Internet Explorer, so that's what I use.  With Adblock and No-script running, it's MUCH faster.  I haven't tried Chrome yet, since Firefox seems to work for my needs.

I am using Chrome since about 6 months. Yes it is extremely much faster then Firefox.   When it comes to speed FF can't compete, and difference is very visible..

I have not much complaints about Chrome really...cause I am used with it now...
Maybe there is some functions missing..but nothing I can think of now...

Maybe that it would be easier to install addons and skins... like it seems to be now you have to do it manually...
instead of just double click.. I want an good ad-blocker for instance...I am not sure how good the Chrome ad blocker is...
And how much it would affect the benchmark/speed in general.


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