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I hope this is not premature, but it is true and somewhat public now that mystified will be releasing a cdr on HSS very soon (as early as 12/2009).

I hope people will give the cdr a chance-- I found myself actually listening to it here in the studio a lot, which is not very common for me, as it is an easy listen and has lots of open space.

It will be called "Primal Mystification".

Essentially the music combines textured and tuned drone backgrounds with rhythms and sparse melodic touches. The first piece has a little of a "Roach"-ian feel, if I dare to say. The others are less simple to define, but I think people will like them.

Anyway, my project has been around for about 8 years, and not without controversy. Some say I am too prolific, some that I have made too many free releases.

It has always been my philosophy to release the very best on cdr or vinyl, and this I believe is one of those times.

Any questions or comments?

Good to hear it Thomas.   8)
And glad to hear you are going with the Mystified name.

But who is this Ian Roach fellow  ;)

lol. "Ian Roach" = my new moniker. A British version.

Enjoyed your Nunc Stans  collab on Blue Oasis very much!

Thank you!


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