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Here is an "Emergence" Review From The Amazon Release Page.

Challenging and cerebral but enjoyable ambient music

June 20, 2013

Review By R. Lee

"I've been listening to Emergence for about a week. This is a follow up to the same duo's earlier release, Epoch, on the same label. The five tracks here are atmospheric tone poems in the ambient genre. However, what is of interest here is in part what is absent. No empty New-Ageisms, keyboard presets, or magic crystals. Also absent are overly obvious references to biological sounds."

"Instruments, synthesizers, and percussion are mixed together with considerable expertise. With the exception of the percussion sounds, most instruments are difficult to recognize. Most of the sounds contain rich, natural sounding overtones like the sound of wind in a tunnel or the tonic drone of moving bodies of water."

"I would say that this CD is great for listening to in an interesting space or context. I think it would be a great treat to have a CD like this playing in a cafe or restaurant. It rewards repeated listening, and though is ambient in nature, the tracks have a discursive but compelling structure of slowly changing tone clusters and textures. There is a consistent language to the compositional methods; jarring transitions are avoided, dissonance is tolerated but remains atmospheric, individual sounds are presented carefully and reward close listening."

"My associations with this music included Vangelis's classic tone poem "The Creation of the World" and some pieces of Edgar Varese. The use of the long form of the CD makes one think of Thursday Afternoon by Eno."

"The theme of ancient times is pursued in a nicely philosophical fashion. The feelings evoked are not biological sludge, but at least to me, the projection of the mind into spaces and times before humans existed. And while the progression of the two CDs through time is ostensibly about the natural world, there is also a psychological progression occuring, as evidenced by the subtle changes in compositional method."

Order a copy:


SPCD31eu: mystified - A Pale But Lasting Hope (Pro mastered by Robert Rich, Pro Duplicated CDr, Pro printed flyer, Snazzybag, Pro stickers, 50 print) mystified returns to SPeu after his successful debut "Still Dreaming". This time SPeu and mystified have done everything possible to create the most professional release. After an excellent mastering job by top ambient artist Robert Rich, the CDr's where duplicated by one on France best duplication plants. Placed in a sticker sealed shiny snazzybag together with a flyer. This release consists of 5 pure powerful ambient tracks. 5,-- for Europe and 6,-- for ROW (shipping included!)


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