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Matt Borghi - live version of Huronic Minor posted for free download


Just received this email announcement from Matt Borghi which I'll quote here for those interested.  He's posted a free download  of a live performance version of his Huronic Minor (official CD release on Hypnos Secret Sounds)


I've uploaded a live reinterpretation of Huronic Minor to my site, that's free to download. I haven't worked much with this recording in the almost ten years since I recorded it, but my friend, saxophonist Michael Teager, and myself gave it a go at a gig we did back in September at SCENE Metrospace in East Lansing.

The character of the piece has changed quite a bit, as I glossed some of the ambient audience noise out, as this was recorded with a binaural mic in the open air.

While the character of the piece has changed, the pieces still has it's dark reminscents and cold longing, the same character that I tried to introduce to the recording so many years ago. Many of you have commented on the recording, it's evocative quality, and impressionistic tones... I'd love to hear what folks think of this as it moves into its tenth year. Hope you enjoy it, and I'd love to hear your feedback. Please forward this to anybody that might be interested.


Matt Borghi
Out Now: Three New Releases:
Available through iTunes, and eMusic, as well as through
Meditation Cycles, Volume 1 - Sleep Mantra
Meditation Cycles, Volume 2 - Lotus Whisper
Meditation Cycles, Volume 3 - Gaia Song

Thanks Mike!

You beat me to it!

Hope everyone enjoy it.



After I posted this I thought of emailing you so you'd know I'd posted this here but I thought, "nah, Matt will be along in a few minutes to post himself and he'll see it!"

I appreciate it, Mike.
Just trying to get the word out on this. I thought that the work that we did on this came out especially well, particularly haunting.

Thanks Mike!


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