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CD release: Mystified - Primal Mystification

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Artist: Mystified
Title: Primal Mystification
Label: Hypnos Secret Sounds (Ltd CDR)

2009. Mystified is a pseudonym for Thomas Park, an ambient/electronic musician
who lives in the midwestern USA. He's been prolific under the Mystified name as
well as the Mister Vapor project, but this is his first release with Hypnos Secret
Sounds. Most recently, Mystified has collaborated with Nunc Stans on a release
One Thousand Dreams on the Dataobscura label, and he has previously
collaborated with Robin Storey (Rapoon) and Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions).

One of the things we enjoy at Hypnos is helping expose listeners to artists they
may not have heard before, and that includes even artists whose work has been
released widely on a variety of labels. The work of Mystified, while elsewhere
working with more pronounced electronic rhythms, here emphasizes deep,
slow-moving textures. Primal Mystification includes subtle and restrained
percussive elements but is definitely geared toward the listener who loves deep,
thick drone work.

Mystified himself says of this recording:
"Primal Mystification emerged from drone sounds, similar to the way we humans
emerged from the primordial ooze. Oscillating ambient bell washes were created
using field recordings and mystical effect processes, and then simple rhythmic
and melodic phrases evolved from the primal material. Sometimes there is a
change or development in the rhythmic material, and always there are changes
in the drones, behind, as they shift and flow. Primal Mystification is a musical
union of form and formlessness."

Hypnos Secret Sounds brings you Primal Mystification, our first release by Mystified.

Track listing, with mp3 sample clips:
01 > massive turning > 14:58 > mp3 http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hss-myst-pm-01.mp3
02 > departing certainty > 13:26 >  mp3 http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hss-myst-pm-02.mp3
03 > not knowing where > 10:30 >  mp3 http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hss-myst-pm-03.mp3
04 > back to the primal > 11:22 >  mp3 http://www.hypnos.com/audio/hss-myst-pm-04.mp3

Purchase for $9.99 on Hypnos Online Store here:

Special thanks to Mike and all of the Hypnos crew, and also for APK for introducing me to this forum.

We loves us Mystified, have for years. This is wonderful - can't wait to get it!

Cheers, A

Thanks for Listening.

Some people I work with received copies of this. It provoked interesting reactions.

I think this was discussed in another thread, but to re-state-- I have trouble explaining my music to people. No one at the library had heard of "ambient" at all. That surprised me a little, but I guess it should not have, since the library files Eno's music under "Jazz" (and Tangerine Dream and all blues, too).

So I usually tried to say that the music is like a soundtrack to a movie, with world ambient flavor.

"Primal Mystification" is really one of the few things I have done that I think I could share with peers in this way. It is not as minimal as many of my efforts. I think the first 2 tracks will especially appeal. I also love tracks 3 and 4 but admit they are darker and edgier and might not flip the wig of the middle-aged librarian.

Incidentally, the physical copies came out really nice with "Primal Mystification". The water image is just dark enough to print nicely, and everything looks just right. I am very happy about that.

Today my boss at the library told me "Primal Mystification" sounds like the background music from a Pink Floyd album.

Luckily, he is a fan of Pink Floyd.


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