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Feral Vapours Of The Silver Ether by CarterTutti


Just received a few copies of this CD from John Deek of Divine Frequencies, and quickly distributed them to the usual radio stations,
so you should be hearing this gem shortly.

Apparently they've been around for a while, with gorgeous female vocals and understated electronics, and are even available under another name.  For me, though, they came out of left field, much like the wonderful Still Life series by Nelson Foltz & Tom Lynn that are available through the Hypnos Store (and should make many "Best of 2007" lists.)

But I digress-who can tell me more about CarterTutti?  And how can I get back my "Personal Icon?"

Brian Bieniowski:
Chris Carter & Cosey Fan Tutti were original members of the seminal industrial/noise group Throbbing Gristle.  When that band disbanded, they began making a darker stripe of synth-pop (among other styles) under the name Chris & Cosey.  They have tons of albums and have made some great music over the years.  CarterTutti is simply their new nom de plume for musical projects.

jim brenholts:
the atmospheres and instrumentation are great but the vocals put me off a little.

They also released some more instrumental-oriented stuff under the CTI moniker.  I have CTI's Point Seven from their "Library of Sound" series.  Very pleasant exploratory ambient with some beats and occasional voices.



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