Author Topic: Hey mom I'm on Rabbit Hole Radio! Ma Ja Le / Vir Unis Re-Union! + 1  (Read 1802 times)

Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le)

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Hey guys if you are around tune into Rabbit Hole Radio on stillstream tomorrow night for a special live in studio jam (well it was pre recorded last friday) What started out as a Ma Ja Le - Vir Unis reunion grew into a whole new entity as we added MJ Dawn on full drum kit. (MJ Dawn 1/2 owner of Atmo Works as well as the drummer for a little group called Mudvayne).

The music was recorded live with no overdubs in the studio and yeilded almost 2 hours of music that can best be described as: "Apocalypse Now/Rhythm Devils, meets Mahavishnu Orchestra, meets the King Crimson Projekts, meets Imaginarium".

So anyway stop by (virtually of course) around 10pm central. You can go to for info and to hop in the chat room. If you have Itunes, go to the radio section, click on ambient and choose stillstream.

Hope to see you there. The 4 of us will be hangin out in the chat room.


Rabbit Hole Radio is a show on that highlights the ambient and experimental electronic music of AtmoWorks. Tune in every Thursday night at 10pm CST to listen.
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