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I'll probably be able to post more detail in the coming weeks, as we seem to have an unusual number of projects in the "probably/maybe" category right now, and not too many locked-down in the "definitely coming soon" category.  Several people have asked recently, though, and as we head into the home stretch of 2009 I wanted to give an idea of what we have planned for the coming year here at Hypnos.


Seren Ffordd - Stellar Nurseries
This is a reissue of the earliest release by this Welsh ambient artist (actually I believe he corrected me once that he's not exactly Welsh, so let's say he's an ambient artist who resides in Wales), and album originally on the Umbra label.  This kicks off a series of Seren Ffordd reissues to come over the next year or so.

Viridian Sun - Infinite In All Directions
The first new studio album from this duo (Mike Griffin and David Tollefson) in a decade, and also the first CD featuring the new Hypnos packaging style.  So far, people seem to like it!

Mystified - Primal Mystification
The first release on Hypnos (on the Secret Sounds imprint) from this artist who also, like Seren Ffordd above, happens to be a Hypnos Forum regular.  This just came out so we're anxious to hear what listeners think of it.

We also have one more album that should be released prior to the end of 2010, as it's currently at the CD pressing plant and we think it's better than 50/50 it'll be done before these last 2 weeks elapse.

Jeff Pearce - Daylight Slowly (reissue)
This was the first Jeff Pearce album we release on Hypnos and the 3rd (I think... got to check the web and clarify my brain on this) Pearce album ever, but it lapsed out of print some years ago and it's long overdue for a reissue.  

Please note, the above artwork for Daylight Slowly is just a bit of a tease.  The new release will have entirely new artwork!

That brings us to the end of our 2009 and I'll post again (after I run out to lunch) about what's coming up in 2010.

OK, back from lunch... very good lunch.  

The newer cover artwork for Pearce's Daylight Slowly reissue is more like this:

That's actually not the 100% final layout, because it's been revised so that, like the new Viridian Sun cover, all the black border is on the top only no border at the bottom.

EDIT:  the artwork has now been revised so the image that now displays IS the correct, final cover

Coming up in 2010

Next up after Daylight Slowly is another reissue, though this is a reissue of something not originally released on Hypnos.  The album is The Path of White Clouds by the group Nebula, now known as NebulŠ.  You can read a bit about this "ambient supergroup" (of which the member best known to Hypnos listeners is certainly Oophoi) here:  http://www.hypnos.com/releases-neb-powc.php

Since we scheduled this release, one of the group members, Klaus Wiese, has passed away.  This represents a great loss to the ambient music world, and we hope some of those who aren't familiar with Klaus's work will become acquainted with it through this album, and may pursue some of his other solo works.

As with the  Daylight Slowly above, the artwork here is correct but the cover layout will be changed with the new style of black border at the top only, and also the artist/title text on the cover will be centered, rather than offset-left-justified.

EDIT:  artwork revised to reflect the new layout, contrary to comments above

2010 planned reissue releases

One aspect of our output that has represented a decent number of releases per year is the reissue of previously out of print albums on Hypnos Secret Sounds.

In the past we've reissued such things as Drifts by Ben Fleury-Steiner or Stellar Nurseries by Seren Ffordd, or the Matt Borghi reissue series including Huronic Minor, December Impressions and The Phantom Light.

We realize that for the more hardcore ambient music audience these releases are fairly unexciting, as they represent items previously made available into the world.  Certainly one could make the argument that if some serious fan of Matt Borghi, let's say, really wanted a copy of December Impressions, he would already own the prior issue.  And that's true, but not everybody is a hardcore fan.  Many people become fans of a given artist somewhat late in the game, and might miss out on that artist's earlier releases if some of them are no longer available.  

As far as we're concerned, one of the great things about Hypnos Secret Sounds and the limited edition CDR medium is the way it allows us to release sounds  that deserve to be available, but which may not (for the reasons mentioned above) inspire a large segment of the ambient music buying public to rush out and purchase it now.  In other words, we are able to make these available again, even if most of the people who may want to own these albums already own copies.  We hate hard to find, out of print obscurities as much as any collector!

We may schedule some new reissues during the year, but for now, these are the releases we have planned, all on HSS.

Stephen Philips - Placid Repose

Seren Ffordd - Floating
Seren Ffordd - Arhythmia
Seren Ffordd - The Quiet Labyrinth
Seren Ffordd - Aurora/Gateway/The Portal's Dreaming (combination of 3 EP releases)
Seren Ffordd - Ydd Hwnt y Seren a Llygedin

Calling by Seren Ffordd was originall announced as part of this reissue series but it's really a new album we will release at the end of the Seren Ffordd reissue series.

Sorry, no cover images available for any of these yet, but soon.

Less definite possibilities for 2010

First I'll address the carry-over releases, items planned for 2009 that haven't happened.

We've been planning the Nevertime compilation for our Binary sub-label for so long, and while there's a will to make this happen and start giving more emphasis to the Binary side of things (more dynamic electronica, as compared to our usual more restrained ambient), it just hasn't happened yet.  Part of me wants to say don't count on this, since it's already been substantially delayed, but another part of me wants to say a compilation would be a good thing for 2010 and we did three Hypnos compilations in twelve months between 2008-9 (Sounds of a Universe Overheard, Message From a Subatomic World, and Echoes of Polyhymnia), so it would be great to do a comp with a slightly different style.  So we'll see.

The Vapors and Magnetism video DVD has likewise been long-delayed and I have to take 100% of the blame on this one.  My own work in digital video has slowed a bit as I pursue other creative interests, so this will be postponed indefinitely and I'll probably take it off the list of planned releases until more progress is made. 

The Evan Bartholomew release Tidal Phases of the Moon I was delayed while we debated some issues with the audio master, and then Evan went on tour and didn't have time to work on tweaking the master.  This sat on the back burner a while, and then Evan moved out of the local area.  We sort of lost touch and need to reconnect, and see if we can get this to happen, or whether it's better to remove this from the list of planned releases.  I'd still like to do it, so it's just a matter of communicating with Evan to see if it's something he's inclined to do, or if it's sort of in his rear-view mirror by now.

That just about sums up the projects that have been delayed to the point of actually stalling out.  It's possible none of these will happen and it's equally possible all of them will still happen.  Maybe we'll be able to count some of these definitively in or out fairly soon.


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