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We are very sorry to waste space in the forum posting our stuff, but until we get someone to fix or replace our mailing list (thanks for the unintended pointer to DadaMail Mike!) - we have decided we ought to try to get word out that we're not dead - we're getting better <bring out your dead> - shut up, you! No really, we feel fine...

So for those who want to indulge our unfortunate need for a, well, forum...

Several things, rather dated:

1. There is a definite, on-going push to release something by Austere, or one of her side projects, by the end of the year, if possible.  It will still need to meet our standards, of course.

2. The 13th of Nov marked the fifth anniversary of the death of Jhon Balance of Coil.  We hope to have our Web site modified in time to display a photo  of him on his deathbed as the sole page on this date, annually, in honour of his memory. Therefore, our site will be inaccessible on this date. We may also set aside a day and single page for Kurt Cobain, if we can come to agreement on that. We will also display a tribute written by a friend of ours yearly for the amazing Americana/Blues/Roots Guitarist Jack Rose, who passed away less than two weeks ago, at the age of 38. For those who have interests outside of ambient, his music defies time itself, and is truly immortal:

3. A most wonderful accolade by the much-esteemed Anu Kirk, a long-time supporter, Soooper Genius, and from what we can tell, someone who never,  ever sleeps because he has too many brilliant ideas to work on, mentioned us in a recent interview in the SFAnnual Online Magazine:

Thank you, Anu. We hope we will release something in the next decade that is also worthy of your Top Twenty list.

Happy winter seasons & Festivus to you all.

And, Thanks for (still) Listening (pun intended.)

As ever, A


You rock, gents...  keep on keepin' on.

Hi there Austere! Nice to hear from you!


It warms my heart to see Austere posting again...  please don't go away.

I agree.  It's nice to have Austere "back on the scene!"


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