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A Grand, Possibly Offending Statement 'bout Ambient Labels

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We've agreed, after much debate, that most ambient musick out there in the last 3-4 years has been shite. Some exceptions: Numina, Viridian Sun... why bother, the point is that Hypnos has pretty much become the place to find great stuff from the "lesser known" - Roach & Rich release their own stuff (or Roach's "dark" stuff on Projekt) - and other labels... Hearts of New Age Space? Who else?

So we thank, mostly deeply from our hearts, M & L (esp. L. for the day-to-day) for Hypnos, which we feel in 2009 (as the year closes) has become pretty much the only "ambient" label left that we'd buy stuff from just based on the label name. Haven't felt that way since Sub Pop's hey-day in the early '90s (cripey - that's about 20 years ago!)

That said, if there's still any other labels out there, not including ones just reissuing stuff (Namlook, cough cough, etc.) please do chime in and let us know!

We're trying to get back in the game, but for the real stuff. Likely offensive statement: Rena Jones' newest CD was called "Top Ten" by Echoes - sorry, it's lame, and having seen her live a couple of times, she should just stick to the studio...

No, we want to know the best of this past year and what labels still matter. Please?

Cheers all, and hoppy holidaze!

Oops, wrong forum, can you move this Mike? Too drunk to figure out how.

Darla: (Hammock - Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tommorow. great disc)
Data Obscura and Blue Oasis: (lots of good stuff here)
Hypnos: (of course)
Infraction: (Parks "Umber" is a great disc)
Kranky: (Stars of the Lid and Loscil among others)
Somnia: (only 9 discs so far)
Spotted Peccary:

Depends what you mean by "ambient".

Other labels I like:

Interchill: (not anymore though)
Dakini: (although they haven't had a new title in 2 years)

More retro electronic music (and sequencer stuff):

Ambient Live: (not very ambient by most definitions)
Ricochet Dream:

drone on:
Ultimae, DiN, Mystery Sea, Manikin, Infraction, Ambientlive, Faria, Hypnos, Syngate, Nextera, Hic Sunt Leones, Fax would be my picks for the best overall labels releasing fairly consistent good stuff.

We should have clarified that we've not been listening to much music lately - not ambient, that is. Lots of old edgy Indie Rock, classic rock, neo/avant-folk (Tuung!) and microhouse has been what we've been way into lately. That said, thanks for the replies!

--- Quote from: ech3 ---Darla: (Hammock - Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tommorow. great disc)

--- End quote ---

Darla has been a long time favourite of ours, even if they never finished the 12 CDs, one per month, subscription thing we paid for. Good to know they're still going.

--- Quote ---Data Obscura and Blue Oasis: (lots of good stuff here)
Infraction: (Parks "Umber" is a great disc)

--- End quote ---

For some reason, these labels never caught our interests, but we'll check them out.

--- Quote ---Kranky: (Stars of the Lid and Loscil among others)

--- End quote ---

Not really ambient, but a given, plus we're biased as we're good friends w/several artists on the label, and Mr. Kranky is a hero.

--- Quote ---Lotuspike:
Spotted Peccary:
Somnia: (only 9 discs so far)

--- End quote ---

Excellent!  And thanks for the links, we'll check them out!

--- Quote ---Waveform:
Interchill: (not anymore though)

--- End quote ---

Ah, good, the "not anymore" was a big save for us - we really liked them the first year or two, but they're mostly compilations that might have 1-2 good tracks, but since one of us has been doing a lot of downtempo DJ'ing in the last year, we're trying to sell off most of their stuff. Plus when you meet one of the artists on the label who's an egomaniac prick, who even takes the piss out of the prick we've got, that's just pretty bad.

Now, if you liked Interchill, and like Waveform, we highly recommend the very infrequent releases by PsyBooty, out of the Bay Area. Not a lot of stuff out, but all really great.

--- Quote ---Dakini: (although they haven't had a new title in 2 years)

--- End quote ---

Not true, we know Gio and also Steve "Puff/Double Dragon" Good... "Tribal Matrix" comp. was a 2006 copyright but wasn't available until Feb. 2007, and was pretty good, not great, better than the last "Dakini Nights" but still not up to their former standards. And "Tribal Matrix 2" came out late 2008, but is really... it just sounds like something off of the Real World label - all "world musick" w/little to no electronics. Since we're big Real World fans and own plenty of their releases, it was a huge disappointment. Sadly, Gio has also taken a beating on his last release and the amazing Puff Dragon release - both in pressing too many CDs after the format had died back to vinyl status, and major promotion (where? we don't know, we're just taking his word on it) - anyway, he's not putting much, if any, energy into the label at all. And sadly there will be no more Puff Dragon - Steve sold off all his gear and "got a real job". Sad, really. Can't even get Gio to work out a wholesale deal with one of the labels we work with.

Cheers, A


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