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Hi folks! I don't know if any of you use Discogs.com, but I have noticed that though many discs from Hypnos are represented, there aren't just too many ratings or reviews featured. Perhaps Hypnos artists and fans would like to add data to the database? Dare I say positive data, or even just honest data?

Here is the HSS page:

And the general page for Hypnos:

Some releases are better represented than others, but quite a few only belong to a couple of people and have 1 or 2 ratings, which I am guessing is not accurate.

Just some thoughts.

Hmm, followed those links and was surprised to find (I hadn't checked in several months) the listings were pretty close to complete.  I've seen plenty of artists or labels where 3/4 of the discography is missing.

I won't ask people to stuff ballot boxes, but of course here, and anywhere else open public reviews are allowed (amazon.com for example), I'd always encourage people to leave comments regarding Hypnos CDs you enjoy (or don't enjoy -- honest constructive criticism is quite useful too).  This sort of thing is very helpful in getting other browsing potential listeners to convert from potential to actual.

Several years ago I was heavily into discogs - and entered in quite a few titles for Hypnos (and Dark Duck and other labels I like...) - but I haven't added any in quite some time. 

Used to hit discogs all the time - but it's blocked at work now... :-(   Always nice to get a bit of info on the album I'm listening to.

Scott M2:
I hadn't realized that Hypnos is just a dirty, rotten, smelly New Age label until I read those comments!    :o
I must go hide my Hypnos CDs and try to de-stress with a few crystals - I mean a few stiff shots of cheap whiskey.

It's not a dirty, rotten, smelly New Age label....

It's a proud, happy New New Age label  ;D ;D ;D


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