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Not bad, gents!


Cool, thanks for the link, mystified.

For those wondering, the link goes to the latest Vital Weekly newsletter which includes reviews of:

Viridian Sun - Infinite In All Directions (Hypnos)
Seren Ffordd - Stellar Nurseries (Hypnos Secret Sounds)
Steve Brand - Children of Alcyon (Hypnos Secret Sounds)

drone on:
FDW is a wanker.  :-*

Good reviews of the Hypnos releases. Though this guy's reviews seem almost always compelled to insert that annoying tagline "this release is nothing new under the sun" as if every single release should be an avant garde breakthrough, covering some kind of mythical, unobtainable new ground. Is it still possible to be new in this saturated musical world? Silly. And judging from what I've heard of his music, I don't want to hear that new ground broken.

drone on:
You are right on there, 9 Dragons.  I've seen plenty of his "dismissive" reviews, and he often manages to insult the artist somehow with a "nothing new under the sun" or "simple/typical drone" comment.  Funny enough, his own music (at least what I've heard) is godawful and he'd never achieve what some of these artists already have.  And you know what they say about critics being "frustrated artists"...


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