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Some of my favorite threads were the "how we record" threads.   Starting this thread for the gear side of things...

What do you record in? 
What're your main instruments?
Secret studio weapon?

(I'll post later... got to run...)

I love Ableton Live so much that I wish I could have its love child.

I use Digidesign Mbox for recording. I also use Acid Pro 4, as well. My main instrument is my modular which is mostly modules with some Blacet, MOTM, Wiard and DIY modules tossed in for good measure. I also have and use a Kawaii K5000s, Nord Micromodular, DSI Evolver,Yamaha CS-50, Roland HPD-15 Handsonic, and a bunch of other hardware and software synths. I definitely have more gear than talent ;)  As far as a secret weapon is concerned, it must be really secret, as I haven't a clue what it is. I am still looking , though.     Harry D

Mike, have you shared that thought with Lena yet? 

Some of the gear mostly collecting dust over the last four years...

Korg DSS-1 - the second synth I bought - and still my favorite for some odd, bizarre reason.   It's a sampler, but not a good one... it's real stength is it's filter and ability to sound like a fat analogish synth.   I also think I love it just because I've had it so long (since about 1987 or so...).   It weighs way too much (70 lbs? - I can't remember - stupidly awkward to move and heavy).   I have a great manfrotto keyboard stand that Korg was actually sending to the stores at the time they came out because they could support the weight.   

Korg SDD-1200 - this is a digital delay unit from around '87/88ish.  No memory.  It's a dual delay and is fantastic for creating feedback... I think I've used it more as a feedback device or the last 20 years than anything else.  If there's one piece of gear that I'd say you'd find in almost everything I've written - this is it... Modular - My most recent addition to the studio - bought it a couple years ago.  It's a 22 space unit -you can see the modules I have loaded in this mock up:

Roland Juno 106 - I bought this in the late 80's... I love how this can cut through almost anything.

Sequential Prophet 600 - Fatter and grainier than the Juno - they make a great pair.   

Yamaha TG33 - I wanted something from the fm family and picked this up from a friend a few years back.  Still haven't really used it much.

more later... :)


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