Author Topic: Lost Children of Electroland kids instruments STYLOPHONE  (Read 3203 times)

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Lost Children of Electroland kids instruments STYLOPHONE
« on: January 12, 2010, 11:27:46 AM »
 :D To all who may be interested,
At long last I have a pre-master version of a new track on Soundclick, so here's some details to whet your appetite.

'Lost Children of Electroland' uses only very cheap instruments normally associated with children, plus vocals (all laced liberally with effects of course). It's a simple little ditty and listening on headphones is probably best unless you have great computer monitors.

In order of appearance, instruments used are:
two kids toy Xylophones (metal and plastic pull-along type with wheels), two old wooden school Tambourines (missing their skins), Electronic Percussion (from the tacky built-in rhythm machine of a tiny child's PortaSound), plastic toy Clarina (from Poland), Descant Recorder (standard school type but nice wood, not plastic), plus a Stylophone (yes, the very thing once made famous by the great Rolf Harris!).

Here's the usual linkage to the track which is at the top of my music page:

 8) Thanks for reading and feel free to expose yourself by saying a few words about my latest offering, if you want to that is. I hope you enjoy this in one way or another, as it's had a rather overdrawn conception, to say the least !!!.

Sonic  :)