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LOST Season 6 - Spoilers - DO NOT READ if you're not current on the show!

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I don't know how many other people have been counting the months to this 6th and final season... but Heidi and I have.   And while she had to go out for a working dinner last night... I got to hang out with my trusty dachshund Peanut and watch 3 hours of LOST happiness last night.  

Ok so a couple of huge reveals last night...  


Jacob's dead, but Hurley can talk to him.

Juliet's final words were "It Worked" - what worked?  The alternate reality scenes where the plane never crashes?

The smoke monster...

and my big question...

Is Sayid now Jacob?

very nice recap and questions from Time:



--- Quote from: jkn on February 03, 2010, 06:35:23 AM ---Juliet's final words were "It Worked" - what worked?  The alternate reality scenes where the plane never crashes?

--- End quote ---

"It worked" means the bomb did go off, and the plane was prevented from crashing, even though Sawyer and the rest assume it didn't work because they're still observing the aftermath of the explosion. 

The episode explored two timelines, one in 2004 tracking the original pilot episode but where the plane doesn't crash, and the other three years later.  Many of the characters exist in both timelines, in fact we saw quite a bit of Jack, Sawyer, and Kate in both timelines.  My theory mid-episode was that all the characters who were alive in both timelines would have to die in one timeline or the other fairly quickly (which we seemed to be seeing, with both Julet and Sayid dying in a single episode) but now I don't know.

--- Quote ---Is Sayid now Jacob?

--- End quote ---

We haven't seen enough to say for sure, but it does seem that this ancient black/white duology of Jacob and "smoke monster guy" will now be carried forward with Locke (as the guy in black aka smoke monster) and somebody else, maybe Sayid.

We didn't watch the premiere until last night (hey, this newfangled DVR thing is cool) and had to be extra careful not to stumble across any spoilers in the 24 hour period in between.  Final season of Lost, though... can't believe it!

The original timeline is different this time; Desmond appears on the plane, the "bitchy sister' (forget her name) didn't get on the plane, etc.  So it's not exactly the same, for reasons that I'm sure will be revealed over the rest of the season.

"Lost" has so many cool details, it's hard to keep track.  Anyone else notice that a character named "Bram" was killed with a piece of wood through the heart?   ;D

Yes, the most interesting part of the new episode, to me, is that while the original plane didn't crash, everything wasn't quite re-set back to its original state in that one timeline.  Shannon isn't on the plane with Boone, several characters are missing or apparently in different circumstances.

Other most interesting stuff:  Jacob and smokey-guy finally start moving to the forefront of the story.


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