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If animals!
« on: March 04, 2010, 07:26:44 PM »
If animals made ambient music, it'd be cockroaches that would produce the most unusual sort of ambiences. There's a lot of ambient music out there that sounds like it could have been made by birds - (both the grandiose sort, like eagles, and the twisted sort, like crows, and the pretty and petite sort, like robins and little tropical birdies) - and horses (not ponies, however), and butterflies, and dinosaurs, and tigers, and whales, and dolphins, etc. There is a definite lack of materials within this species of music which sound like they could have been created by cockroaches, however. They should be given a chance; it'd be a fascinating combination of urban squalor, deep, damp city drones, and microscopic hisses and scuttles. The music would smell beautifully rotten, too. It wouldn't be the usual, epic-smelling swirls of sublime animal scents, but something altogether more earthy, rusty, and wet. There isn't enough wet cockroach music. A miniature studio would have to be built, which sounds like a difficult task - but! if horses can manage to do their knob-twiddling with hooves, it shouldn't be impossible for these six legged glories to be provided a means to sound production. 
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