Author Topic: Glad the Hypnos Forum is back and here's my intro message once more!!!  (Read 2696 times)

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Glad to see the Hypnos forum back in action and slowly building up again. I saw it suggested that we post some of the messages that we'd originally put on before the old forum was lost. So, below is my previous introductory message that was in this part of the forum before it disappeared into the ether! :

 :) Hi to everyone who visits, and runs, this site.
 8) I was recently alerted to this site forum and it looks like a great place, so I've decided to register and I'll try to add some interesting posts in the future, as well as adding my own thoughts to other's posts if I feel that I've got something worthwhile to say. I'm into all sorts of music genres and styles, with ambient, atmospheric and electronic/experimental being big favourites.

I've been in bands and made quite a lot of various styles of music myself over the years, but have also had years of abstinence during certain periods for various reasons. If anyone's interested to find out more about me and listen to some of my current music, then you may wish to visit my Soundclick page link at the bottom of this message, where there is an interview of sorts and some free downloads that may, or may not, be to your taste.

Anyway, that's all for now and I look forward to visiting when I can.

Over and out for now,
Garden  ;)
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