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Picked up two new DS games this week.   

Orcs & Elves


“classic” dungeon crawl first person RPG.   Darn fun to play (if you like this sort of thing) – a bit on the short side – I’m half way through already since Saturday (which is really fast for me since I don’t play for hours on end…), but amazingly fun.    I’ve gotten overwhelmed a couple of times so even the ‘normal’ mode isn’t a walk in the park.   I think I’ll like ‘hard’ mode a bit better though.

Luminous Arc


A tactical/strategy RPG… somewhat similar to the Fire Emblem series (which I love and wish they’d release more titles in the states…) or games like Advance Wars.    Fight a series of battles with up to 15 characters against an army of monsters – move, attack in various ways, cast spells, etc…   This one takes terrain height and attacking from behind or the side into account which is a very nice enhancement.   

The downside of this one is the background story and dialogue is utterly horrible.   Ouch - you'll groan.   So far the battles have made it worthwhile, though.   I'm still happy I bought it.    It's also very much in the anime tradition of 13 year old children saving the world...  ha.



- Metroid Prime 3 Corruption ... on the Wii

Really enjoying it. Basically a doom-style 1st person shooter. Excellent movement and graphics.
the Wii is a good platform for this style of game.

I'm not playing anything at the moment, but just finished Halo 3, which was very enjoyable, but fairly brief.

Cool topic. :)  I'm a long-time PC gamer, mostly into RPGs.

Just started playing Crysis.  All I can say at the moment that the graphics are truly remarkable, and the game world is so dynamic.

Also been playing Hellgate: London these last few weeks, but it's so unbelievably buggy that it ruins the whole "enjoyment" factor.  I'll probably shelve it and load it up again in six months.



Its an auto racing game that I play on line. I spend way too much time playing this.



A first person shooter but you can bend time as well. Interesting concept. I normally don't play these types of games but I was forced to as I was working on it.  ;D  Not a bad game though.

Baseball Mogul 2007


I haven't had any stick and ball games for a while now so I decided to try this since it was only two bucks.  :D The demo seemed pretty good. Basically a manager game, sort of a Sim City of baseball. I'll let you know it its any good.


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