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Finally got around to playing, and finishing, Dark Souls (not the second one that was just released). The sense of scope in the environments is excellent.

I must admit though that I played it wrong. I cheated. But I just didn't have time to play it the way it was meant to be played. I just wanted to explore the world and see the monsters/bosses. The funny thing was, despite having unlimited health and stamina, I still died tons. That should tell you something. Hahah!

I've started with Mass Effect 3 now. I've played the others, and have kept my save games to continue the story properly. I've heard about the controversial ending, and have been very curious to see how the game finally ends.

I'm more of an ipad player these days... currently hooked on Guardian Cross... basically a collectable card game thing from Square Enix.

Just played through Monument Valley - wow - now that is spectacular... you're essentially playing MC Escher drawings - some truly beautiful moments throughout...  excellent ... although really short.   Still - as a game - a work of art.

Matthew Florianz:
Just finished Tomb Raider which was entirely above expectations. Having dismissed it a little after countless remakes and the somewhat superior antics of Nathan Drake, I loved every second of that smartly made game. The way the music changes interactively and their story telling in the level design was all in favor of game-play.

Currently playing Bioshock: Infinite. Not yet very far into ti but it's already throwing some interesting ideas and concepts around. Game-play wise it is not yet presenting anything the previous games didn't also do., which isn't necessarily bad.

Recently finished Mass Effect 3. Capped the story off quite nicely.

Without spoiling anything, I understand why some were upset about the ending. Some things weren't explained as well as they could've been. Left open for interpretation. It also had a darker tone, which was lightened up in the redux. I can certainly appreciate the original ending, and would approve had it been a film. But when someone invests as much time in the game (across the three of them, I judge I spent nearly 100 hours), you want a good payout in the end.

Overall, an excellent experience.

I'm diving into Alan Wake now. The main game is split into six episodes, and is setup like a TV show, including a "Previous on Alan Wake . . ." intro for each episode.  8)

| broken harbour |:
^ I agree - sort of.

I did find the Redux ending to be somewhat asinine, why does everything have to be explained?  It just seemed unnecessary, I personally loved how the story was darker in tone during the 3rd game, as it seemed fitting because, well... organic life be screwed and all....  :P *doom*.

Alan wake is excellent as well, nice choice.

I'm currently playing Final Fantasy 7, I figured I've owned it since day one in 1997, but have only recently opened the plastic and played it.  It's been on my 'to play' list longer than any other game, 17 years in fact!  So far I'm 26 hours in, still on the first disc, I like it, it's quite dated, and going back to 320x240 resolution and badly mangled engrish translation is a little jarring, it's battle system and overall theme makes up for it.


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