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I'm addicted to Luminous Arc... great game!   I still groan over some of the horrible dialogue between battles - but the battles are darn fun.

I tracked down a used copy of Etrian Odyssey - Gamestop is shipping a used copy to my local store.  Released in May 2007 and discontinued only a few months later.   One of those titles I stumbled across on Gamespot.com - hopefully worth the effort... :)

Been playing Etrian Odyssey a lot over the last week.   Great dungeon crawl RPG... sprawling huge twisting dungeons - monsters are levelled really well, strong enough to kill your party once in a while which forces you to go explore other areas and level up a bit before tackling the larger monsters again.   I'm only on level 7 of 30 - and all levels I've been through have a few secret areas I can't get to until I find a key.   

Where Orcs and Elves is a great dungeon crawl in the traditional dungeon sense - it's almost shamefully short - but great - and worth the $20 entry price.   Etrian is a dungeon built out of a forest (which is a nice touch) - and lacks the humor of the other - but makes up for it in the longer term playability.


Played a little bit of Oblivion this weekend, first time I've played any video games in a while.  I didn't realize it had been 7 months since I'd last played this one, but the game saves had dates on them and the last save was from May 27.

This is an enjoyable game, a free-ranging fantasy role-playing game, but tough to get into unless you invest consistent and significant chunks of time.

I loved Oblivion - but yeah - I didn't sink as much time into it as I did for either Morrowind or Daggerfall.   Big key for me is I had Oblivion on my computer in my studio - as opposed to when I was playing Morrowind on my XBox - which I could play in the bedroom or living room and hang out with Heidi.   I sunk a ton of hours into Morrowind - but not all that much at all into Oblivion.   If I'm going to be squirreled away in my studio alone - I want it to be music time instead of game time.

I'm finding my little DS to be the perfect little game machine - portable - and Heidi and I like to play our DS's together (separate games - she's fond of Clubhouse Games - where I'm stuck on RPG's...).

Ahh, another who played Daggerfall.  That will always be one of my all-time favourites.  ;D  Am I crazy to have enjoyed Oblivion much more than Morrowind?

Right now I'm playing The Witcher, which has been called an action RPG but it's anything but.  Sure, there's combat but it's much more story driven, which is a nice change of pace from the usual grind.  It also has a much darker atmosphere which I love.  If you enjoyed Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights, you'll enjoy The Witcher.


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