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| broken harbour |:
I lost half of the past weekend trying to beat Jamestown:


So close to beating the final level.....

Playing through Dirt 3 right now, and anxiously awaiting Grand Turismo 6...

Games I've played/been playing lately:

- Torchlight 2. Your typical Diablo clone. Easy and fun, especially with friends. I especially like the monster design.
- Dead Island: Riptide. I knew this got bad reviews, but I loved the first one so much (again, with friends), I figured how bad could it possibly be? Ugh! It really is a boring mess.
- Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Great atmosphere. Excellent music! The ability to play stealthy and/or guns blazing is nice. Graphics are kind of dated though.
- Final Fantasy 14 (version 2). MMORPG. The first version was an absolute disaster, so they shut it down and re-built it. I've played the various beta builds, and it's worlds better. Proper release is next Tuesday. Looking forward to playing it with friends. :)

I've been back to playing Guild Wars 2. The constant updates to the game pretty much insure there's something to do that's not grindy in nature. Every character has a personal storyline that emphasizes you as the unique hero so you don't feel like one in a thousand other people doing the same quest.

Add to that big updates to the game's Living Story lines and the addition of new areas to explore and there's a lot to see and do. The constant gear turnover is kind of lame and keeps GW2 shackled to the old MMO model of 'upgradicide.' On the other hand, if you're not into the constant raid grind of other games, GW2 is great for the casual player as well.

I know we have lots of Skyrim players here, so thought it might be of interest to link to the 1/2 price deal today on bestbuy.com for the "Legendary" edition of Skyrim:


The link is to the Xbox 360 version but the Playstation 3 version is also the same deal, $29.99 instead of the usual $59.99.

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for another free roaming game like Skyrim ?
I'm not into industrial/zombies and the like. The beauty of the Skyrim landscape was one of its big appeals for me.


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