Author Topic: MOVIES in 3D are coming big-time List and article for you to read  (Read 3432 times)

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 :) Hi to all you film buffs out there,
A short while ago, the film 'Beowulf' was released in super-duper 3D (although I didn't actually see it!) and it got me thinking that if the 3D effect was as good as they say, then how long would it be until all films are made in 3D. Well apparently, big changes are coming in movies and it's all really kicking off this year.
In the January 9th edition of the UK's Independent newspaper, Rebecca Armstrong reports on upcoming 3D films, which include:

U2 3D an IMAX (large format) film about the rock group U2.

Journey to the Center of the Earth an adaptation of the book by Jules Verne.

Final Destination 4 a continuation of the horror series.

Coraline an animated based on Neil Gaiman's novella.

Monsters VS Aliens a Dreamworks 1950s-style sci-fi adventure.

Avatar   a sci-fi blockbuster from "Titanic" director James Cameron.

Also, and maybe best of all, from Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson (who directed the Lord of the Rings films), comes a trilogy of Tintin.

Follow this link for the whole article:

I personally can't wait for it all to really get going properly, but I'm particularly looking forward to Tintin.
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Re: MOVIES in 3D are coming big-time List and article for you to read
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I'm also looking forward to Tintin. Journey to the Center of the Earth should be intersting, tho I have a soft spot for the original with Pat Boone! I just pulled out the DVD this weekend.
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