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 :) Hi to all.

I recorded this song in a little bit of a rush, especially for a project with a deadline and I must admit that a few oddities crept in. I'll probably re-visit it one day, but for now I think it has enough atmosphere to offer to you in it's slightly flawed and fragile form. It's better to listen on headphones at a reasonable volume, as there are subtleties in the background that may not be very noticeable on computer speakers (unless they're good).

It's on the more experimental side of things and for this track I decided to put aside the guitars and synths, and instead used only Vocals, Violin, Arpa Magica, Electronic Treatments and Looped Heartbeat Skindrum.

The title of the track is 'Love Will Not Die When My Heart Stops Beating'. Here's a direct link:

Thanks for your time and hope you enjoy the sounds. Please give me your thoughts if you'd like to.
Garden  ;)
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