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From Nowhere To Here And Back Again No.1 on SC
« on: January 27, 2008, 06:20:12 PM »
 ;D A big hi to you all once again,

This is a dark filmic sonic tapestry called From Nowhere To Here And Back Again on which I used Cymbals, Primal Howls, Saxaphone, Violin, Bamboo Flute, Harmonica and Otherworldly Voices. All instrumentation and voices were improvised and recorded in one take within nature, in a field in Epping Forest (England), with processing and layering taken care of later.

By improvising, with no thought given to structure at the time of playing, it is entirely possible that the mind is open to being influenced by any mischievous passing spirits that might be around and who want to express themselves in some way music from another dimension perhaps. Who knows what other realities are beyond our understanding?

Even though it should be obvious by my instrumentation list, I'd just like to point out that NO synths or samplers were used in the origination, destruction and eventual re-creation of this piece.

Definitely best listened to on headphones in a low-lit room, as loud as is comfortable, to hear the subtle shifting frequencies that make up the wash of sound. Check it out on my Soundclick page at this direct track link:

I must say that I was over the moon when this track made it to the No.1 spot in Soundclick's 'Electronica>Experimental Sounds' chart in early November '07.

Many thanks for your time, all you good folk, and please feel free to share your thoughts with me.
Garden  ;)
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