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Tuesday: Sleep Research Facility . Syzygia . Ortiz @ THE AMBiENT PiNG


Scott M2:
If you're in range of Toronto, you may wish to catch this cool triple-bill:

Featuring Sleep Research Facility . Ortiz . Syzygia

@ the UNDERGROUND downstairs @ the DRAKE HOTEL
1150 Queen St. W @ Beaconsfield . W of Ossington . E of Dufferin
Tuesday January 29th . 9PM . PWYC (5$ suggested)

Please note the later start time of 9PM.

. SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY . Sleep Research Facility explores notions of awareness and perception in the sub/unconcious listener.
Focusing primarily on sound bereft of rhythm based energies, SRF's goal is to provide listening environments wherein the music simply
adds texture to the silence. A kind of “play me quiet” sound suitable for listening to actively or passively depending on circumstances,
creating an aural experience which guides the mind through gentle misdirection rather than forcing its attention, allowing listeners to
drift in their own diversified thoughts.

. ORTIZ . Laurier Brown finds the crinkly, skittering nuggets in the white noise. His first Ortiz release The Crinkle and its Faces
was an exploration of glitchy layered noise­scapes, almost undetectable beats mingled with hiss and static. Dark dreams
for long winter nights put to tape, digitized, randomized, spliced, split up, spit out. His second release, Salvage, further digs into
the sonic subconscious, carving subterranean passages under ancient roots planted in the psycho­spiritual mulch. Hooves
draws from the ghosts left behind in the cracking pavement where the groves once grew, remembering great herds, drifting
past gulls flying out to sea.

. SYZYGIA . The project of Harrison Dahme, dealing with the ambient and atmospheric.


--- Quote from: Scott M2 on January 28, 2008, 05:51:45 AM ---If you're in range of Toronto, you may wish to catch [...edit...] SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY
--- End quote ---

Wish I could go and see SRF, but Toronto’s a bit of a hike from here ;-)
I like all three of his albums, especially the most recent, Deep Frieze.

Scott M2:
A bit of a swim too!   :o

I was also impressed with Deep Frieze and had the pleasure of sharing a bill with Kevin last month.
He did a great job of delivering his shifting soundscapes with a laptop and controller (Beringer) rig.
He's also a really nice fellow - a very positive vibe.


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