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drone on:
Saw a "preview" of the first Alien prequel (there will be two films) for 20th Century Fox.  No footage except scenes from the original, probably because shooting hasn't started.  Guess they've already decided on the title: "Alien Origin." Guess they HAD to use the word "Alien" in the title for marketing purposes. Yuk. Simply "Origin" would have been better IMO, or another title a bit more mysterious and less obvious.   

I am approaching these films with caution.  In a way, I don't want to know about the space jockey... I love the idea that his story is never told, yet it's such a pivotal piece of information.  A rare thing in film, especially Hollywood.

whyyyyyyyyy :( first Alien was very good intro. Why prequels? I am almost sure, that it will be same old action sci-fi as in Alien 2 or 3. Or at least I can't imagine what more interesting can they put into the prequel. Alien babies? Or history how evolved their race? Doubt it.  ???

drone on:
As has been pointed out before, I think the wonder of the original was the mystery and unanswered questions.  It's what made 2001 so special as well.  I think what made all the Alien sequels so uninteresting was there was no real innovative story behind them.  Ridley Scott stated this is why he hasn't done sci-fi since Blade Runner, as a good story is very important to him.  I think a story about the origin of the alien could be very interesting, done right.  I think it's generally accepted by sci-fi fans this was an "alien race," but what about the possibility they were a genetically engineered biomechanoid weapon, a "supersoldier," by some other race of true "aliens"?  Scott has already suggested this by saying the derelict spaceship from the first film was carrying a cargo of the eggs as a weapon. 

Assuming the prequels are just a lame cash-in might be a mistake.  Ridley Scott is involved, so it could be quite interesting.


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