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Dropbox is fantastic

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Anybody else out there using Dropbox?  It's a free service that lets you set up a folder on any/all of your computers, up to 2gb (and there are various ways to get bonus storage space), and anything you drop into there is automatically synchronized on all your computers.  It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad, Droid and more.  It's so great, I no longer have to carry around portable USB drives for my files I want to work on in more than one location.

Did I mention... it's free?  You can purchase an account if you want a lot more storage space but for most people, 2gb will get them by.  If you have friends with Dropbox accounts you can share sub-folders of your dropbox with them.  Lena and I share large files this way all the time, and Lena shares files with her sister in Austria as well.

If you want to sign up, use my referral link and we'll both get an extra 250mb bonus, here:


I'm mentioning this more because I think people will love it, than because I need a lot more bonus space.  I already have 3.5gb and I'm nowhere near my limit.  To me, this and gmail/gdocs are the best applications yet of "cloud" computing.  Oh, and Evernote too.

Brian Bieniowski:
I have dropbox, but don't use it all that often, only because I've just got the one computer.

I love Evernote, though, which is incredibly handy in all sorts of situations.

Boris Lelong:
Hi Mike,

I had heard about it but never tried it. So I have just created an account using your link - happy 250 Mo ! :-)
I have been using Gmail and pocket hard-drives, I will try Dropbox as a complement. Might be useful for collaborative work too... Thanks for pointing it.

By the way, congratulations for re-realeasing jeff Pearce's "Daylight Slowly" : I recently discovered it, and found it absolutely splendid !


Hope you like it, Boris, and thanks for using the referral.  It's such a relief, since I signed up for Dropbox, to no longer have to carry around an assortment of USB drives in my pocket!

I forgot to say, Boris, thanks for your comments on Daylight Slowly.  It's an album I'm very fond of musically.  Also I'll always remember the remastering process in which we reworked Jeff's somewhat casually produced cassette masters for release on CD.


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